About Me

I'm a teen services librarian living in Ocean County, NJ. I'm also a voracious reader. While spending the summer as a trainee in a teen department, I discovered that I love reading YA lit. I love to read realistic, contemporary fiction (the darker the better) or dystopian fiction, but I also like to read lighter, "fun" stuff and even occasionally decent (that means well-written and original) paranormal fiction. This blog is dedicated to all the things I love about reading and being a librarian!

Questions, comments? I'm always interested in hearing from my readers, and I'd love to hear from authors and publishers, too! I'm up to host reviews, author interviews and giveaways, just shoot me an email:


In general I do not read or review fantasy or paranormal fiction.
The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are in no way the views of my employer. 
I will not accept compensation for reviews or posts.