Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October in Review

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2011 is almost over! I cannot believe it! Let's see how my October shaped up:

I read 14 books, only 2 of which filled a challenge requirement--one each for the 2011 and A-Z challenges. I'm going to somehow have to read those last three books--K, Q, and Z--so I can officially complete the A-Z challenge! 13 books isn't that great, but it is what it is. According to my calculations (which might be wrong, I never claimed to be good at math), I'm at 158 books so far this year, which means I have two months to read 42 books if I want to hit my goal of 200. Um, so I might fail there, as well. Hmmm...

Meanwhile, there are something like 40 books on my to-read pile right now. Ugh! All the books I got at the Collingswood Book Festival plus the tons of library books I have to get to. And I feel myself getting into a reading slump, which is not good. Hopefully it passes quickly!

October found me visiting the Collingswood Book Festival and the Princeton Library to see Ellen Hopkins again (and to fangirl stalk Megan McCafferty a little!). Work wise, I spent a frantic seven full days over three weeks visiting every single English class in the local middle school and high school to have the kids sign up for library cards--we're talking something like 65 classes! Technically I did two visits in November, but my stats for the October visits were well over 1400 students. That's a LOT of library card apps to process! It was absolutely an exhausting endeavor but I have to be proud of myself for doing it. This partnership will be so beneficial to all parties involved, and it's been long overdue in my branch. So, yay for me! Now I just have to get back there and hand out the cards!

How was your October?
Enjoy your reading!

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