Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So I'm a little slow...

I'm usually so good about reading the Acknowledgements pages in novels. I love to see how a book could not possibly come together without the help of many people, and I love seeing the inner circles of young adult literature. I admit, it's also kind of funny to see how often David Levithan is thanked. :) Perhaps that's why this didn't come to my attention until a fellow librarian pointed it out to me at Books of Wonder:

Just so you know, this is from the Acknowledgements page of Kieran Scott's This Is So Not Happening, which I own. And had her sign when she visited my library! Eek. In my defense, I admit that I probably glossed right over my name. I am, after all, mentioned in the same sentence as David Levithan. AND Elizabeth Scott. **swoons**

That's all. I thought I'd share my accidental discovery!
Enjoy your reading!


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