Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: F in Exams

F in Exams: the Funniest Test Paper Blunders by Richard Bensen 
Summersdale, 2008

Summary from Goodreads:

We've all been there. You've been studying hard, the day of the BIG test arrives, you turn over the paper, and 'what the *&%@ does that mean?!' Not a clue.This book is packed full of hilarious examples of the more creative ways that students have tackled those particularly awkward exam questions.
I'm not sure how this book made it on to my radar, but I remember reading about it somewhere and dropping everything to place it on hold at the library. When it came in, I cracked it open to a random page and immediately burst out laughing. Tried sharing it with a colleague but she wouldn't STOP reading it, so I took it back. Headed to my office and spent the next hour or so in absolute stitches.

F in Exams consists of the funniest (or, sometimes, the stupidest) answers to test exam questions in Biology, English, History, and more. It's a very short read and not the greatest nonfiction book ever published, but I will tell you this: anyone who reads it will be in tears (good tears). I don't know if it's just the funk I've been in for the past few months, but I was in dire need of a good laugh and F in Exams delivered.

Just a few examples:
Q: Explain the concept of homeostasis?  
A: It is when you stay at home all day and don’t go out.

Q: What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register?  
A: Mariah Carey

Q. Write the first and second laws of thermodynamics.  
A. First rule of thermodynamics is you do not talk about thermodynamics. 
Second rule of thermodynamics is you do not talk about thermodynamics.

I am seriously considering purchasing multiple copies of this book to give as Christmas presents. To everyone I know.

Borrowed from the library.
Enjoy your reading!

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