Sunday, November 11, 2012

In My Mailbox (109)

In My Mailbox is an Internet meme hosted by The Story Siren to share new books received, purchased, or borrowed.

I am back! Power was restored at about 4:45pm on Thursday--well into Day 11 of no power. Best Girl and I were actually in the garage, gathering wood to start a fire, when we heard my neighbor screaming like a banshee (I don't like my neighbors). We went upstairs and we had power!! I checked the settings on my phone and not only did we have power, but we had internet, too! We were a happy family that night.

So, besides the power, here's what I got this week and last:


  • Collateral and Tilt by Ellen Hopkins (for her appearance that has since been cancelled)

For my nook:

  • Danny's Mom by Elaine Wolf: Here's a long story for you: Best Girl and I made the trek out to B&N one powerless day, because my nook was frozen. Customer service, I  have to say, was not very helpful at first. They tried charging it (I explained that I did try to charge it, but because we didn't have power, I didn't feel that was the best use of the generator LOL), even though the battery was fully charged. The nook guy actually told me that if they couldn't unfreeze it, he would have to give me the number to Customer Service, and, because they don't even make that model nook anymore, the best they would probably be able to do is give me a discount on a new one. I told him that was unacceptable, and if that is considered good customer service, I would never buy another eReader from B&N again. I understand that my model isn't available anymore, but seriously? My nook is just over two years old (purchased Oct 2010). I really expect it to last longer than that. Well, once he heard that I might be jumping ship for a Kindle, he swapped out the battery and voila! The problem was solved. We had wandered around B&N for a while and I could not find any of the books on my to-read list, so I downloaded Danny's Mom to my nook instead. :)
What did you get?
Enjoy your reading!

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  1. Glad to hear you're okay and have power again! My house was out for five days--I can't imagine going longer than that. I also see you've read Crewel, will be interested to see your thoughts on it.


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