Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! Also, June in review

Happy Independence Day!

Hope everyone's having a nice, relaxing weekend. Thought I'd take this time to do my June review. 

June was a pretty exciting month for me. I got to meet Sarah Mlynowski on my birthday, hosted an interview with Margie Gelbwasser, author of Inconvenient, and participated in another blog hop. I was also stunned to see my followers climb up over the 400 mark! As I'm writing this post, this blog (which I still think of as a little blog) has 444 followers! I am shocked and ecstatic, and I love you all! I'm working on another giveaway and author interview for July, so I'm excited about that!

As far as my reading, though, ugh. I only read 11 books this month! That's my worst yet. BUT, it does put me just over 100 books read so far this year, so I guess it's not all bad.

Out of those books, 2 were for the YA Contemps Challenge and 1 was for the 2011 Debut Authors Challenge. I'm pretty confident that I'll complete those challenges--I have 5 titles left for the YA Contemps, and since I started with 12 titles for the 2011 DAC, and now have 22 with only 3 not read yet, I consider that already a success! The A-Z Challenge is moving along, as well--K, Q, R, V, Y, and Z are the only letters I have left! 

The Off the Shelf Challenge, though--I think I might have to admit defeat on that one. I've only read 2 books so far, out of 12. My problem is that when library books come in, I feel obligated to read them first, to get them back to the library and on to the next person. Then I read eGalleys, especially Galley Grab ones, because I know the digital rights will expire. THEN I read ARCs, and only THEN will I allow myself to read books I've purchased for myself. And of course if I'm sent a book for review, or if I'm participating in a blog tour, that title gets pushed to the front of the list. And since I'm constantly getting new books, I almost never have time to get to the older titles on my list. 

What's a reader to do? How do you tackle your to-read piles?

Enjoy your reading!

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