Monday, March 5, 2012

February 2012 in Review

Another month is gone, and we're that much closer to summer! I really shouldn't complain--by all accounts this winter has been, so far, quite mild, and I would be perfectly content to usher in spring without having to shovel any of the nasty "s" word at all!

As for reading, I managed to get 12 books completed this month. To be fair, I read about a dozen picture books this month, too--our children's librarian is doing outreach at the elementary schools and so I covered her toddler and preschool storytimes--but I don't think it's right to lump them in with the other books I've read. So, I didn't.

Of those twelve:

  • 1 was from my 2012 Debut Author Challenge
  • 4 were from my 2012 Standalone Challenge, and
  • 2 were from my 2012 Sophomore Challenge.

Making good progress with my challenges, anyway. :)

Blog-wise, I hit 1000 followers in February (and am now at, I think, 1018. Not that I'm keeping track or anything!), hosted another giveaway, and started a new blog post called Super Short Reviews, where I post my thoughts on a few of the books I've read. I want to blog, I really do, and I think SSR will be a good compromise until my head gets screwed on straight again.

Coming up, I think I have yet another giveaway scheduled, I may or may not have an author stopping by, and we'll see what else...

How was your February?
Enjoy your reading!

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