Thursday, March 22, 2012

OMG Is It Friday Yet???

Today's the last day to enter my Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway!

Confession: I have never, ever, in my entire life been as excited about the release of a movie as I am for The Hunger Games. I'm not a Twilight fan (at all) and I only just saw the first Harry Potter movie a few months ago. I almost never go to the movies to see something that Best Girl doesn't also want to see--which means I almost never go to the movies without her. AND, very rarely do I head to the movies on opening day.

But The Hunger Games has me throwing all of my "almost nevers" out the window! Guys, I took off (most of) the day of work (I have outreach at the high school first thing in the morning)! I pre-purchased tickets weeks ago (I don't think the noontime showing will sell out, but I'm not taking any chances!). I'm planning a super-cool pre-release party at the library. I've threatened my teens--if any of them who attend the midnight showing reveal ANYTHING, should they see me in the high school Friday morning, something bad will happen. What that something bad is, I have no idea. But they just better keep their mouths shut.

But the best part? I'm attending the movie with three co-workers (who also took the day off) who are just as excited to see this movie as I am! I am so looking forward to sharing this movie with people who will appreciate it as much as I will.

I do not ever recall seeing as much fanfare for a movie (not even the Twlights or the Harry Potters) as I have for The Hunger Games. The media frenzy surrounding this movie is absolutely mind-blowing--I just hope the movie lives up!

Enjoy your reading!


  1. I'm excited for the movie, but I don't get to go see it for a few weeks :(
    Have fun, and if someone ruins it, something bad SHOULD happen haha. I told all of my friends, if they spoil it, they will regret it :)

    Have fun!!

  2. Saw it last night with 7 co-workers! It is awesome! Hope you had fun. I did a movie release party in my library during all lunches and it was a big success. It is so fun when a popular book becomes a bigger movie sensation like this! I love that so many students are reading or rereading the trilogy now.


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