Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cut and Paste Poetry

I don't ever really blog about my actual job...I don't know, I guess I feel that most of my job isn't blog-worthy.

But yesterday I had Writers Group. It's a very small group (like, two teens), so it was way informal. We chatted about what we like to write, and read, and the teens revealed their publishing dreams. And then we did some cut and paste poetry. Fun!

If you've never done it, there's really nothing to it. You just cut random words of of magazines and create poetry with those words. I'd found an envelope full of words during one of my cleaning sprees, so we didn't even have to do any cutting (I did have magazines on hand, though, and we did cut a few words that caught our eye). The end result looks sort of like a ransom note, but a lot more fun.

I had had a really rough day, so I chose to create two poems that were completely nonsensical. And I have to say, if you're looking for a stress-buster, cut and paste poetry is it. There's just something relaxing about sifting through words, trying to find just the right one.

So here are my two poems:

Did we hide
the clear gas
from the

protect Merkel's skin
pick this mantra
the free Readers are safe
from Jobs.

Fun, right? I really want to figure out a way to work "protect Merkel's skin" into everyday conversation more. :o)

But my teens came up with some really profound poetry! I almost felt bad for how awful my poems were. But not really.

Anyway, that's what I did yesterday.

Protect Merkel's skin, and enjoy your reading!

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