Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011 in review

March was a busy month for me, book-wise. I read 23 books this month! While I only posted 13 reviews, I actually completed a lot more. I'm taking advantage of the scheduling option Blogger has and have reviews scheduled well into May. Obsessive much? Perhaps, but I finish books very quickly, and don't want to bombard you all with tons of reviews. I've also had some pretty decent teen programs at work recently, and am hoping to post about them soon.

Challenge news:
  • I finally found K, N, and Q titles for my A-Z Challenge! I'm going to read Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen, The Nature of Jade and The Queen of Everything, both by Deb Caletti. Woo-hoo for having a completed list to work from! (I *may* have already read Keeping the Moon, but the synopsis doesn't really ring a bell for me. I figure if I can't remember reading it at all, then it should definitely count as a new read!)
  • 2011 Debut Author Challenge: 5 titles (I've read 15 so far this year!).
  • A-Z Reading Challenge: 6 titles (D, E, F, H, L, O). (I only have 10 letters left to finish this challenge!)
  • Off the Shelf: 0 titles. There's just so much awesome new stuff out there, I feel like since these titles are "on my shelf," they'll always be there. I've only read 2 books off of this list so far this year. I am sad.
  • YA Contemps Challenge: 2 title. Still moving along quite nicely on this one.
In other blog news, I had my first author interview (with Bettina Restrepo, author of Illegal), but made contacts with several others, and have a bunch of interviews coming up in the future. I also hosted my second and third giveaway hops (have you entered my Fool for Books giveaway yet?). Thanks to all my followers, old and new!

In addition to the author posts I have coming up, I'm also looking forward to the launch party of Bumped by Megan McCafferty, on April 26th at the Princeton Barnes & Noble (learn more here). Of course I'm psyched to meet Megan and get signed copy of Bumped, but Kristie from Text and Java (AKA my Cosmic Twin) and I are planning to meet up--my first blogger meet!

How was your March?
Enjoy your reading!

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