Monday, March 7, 2011

Bumped Publication Day Event April 26th!

All NJ-area bloggers, take note: Megan McCafferty announced on her website and Facebook page that there will be a Bumped Publication Day event!

Here are the details:

BUMPED Publication Day Event!
Tuesday, April 26th, 7-9PM
Barnes & Noble, Princeton

Come celebrate the publication of my first non-Jessica Darling novel! BUMPED is a satirical dystopian novel described as "a YA Handmaid's Tale with a twist." I'll read an excerpt, answer questions about all my books and autograph copies of BUMPED or any Jessica Darling novels purchased at the store. 
I will absolutely be there and would totally love to meet any other bloggers in the area!!

Enjoy your reading!


  1. See you there! I am so glad you posted about the copies having to be bought at the store...otherwise I would have shown up with my own and had to buy another. Secretly, I am starting to think B&N is evil...but that is just me.

  2. That's what Megan posted on FB, you could try calling the store and see if they have a different answer. Although, if the book is being released that day, I'll probably just buy it there, rather than pre-order it and hope it comes in time. Can't wait!


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