Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference

I literally just found out about this, and am debating on whether or not I should attend. It looks pretty interesting--there will be forums, panels, information on reviewing, time management, etc. I definitely could see this being helpful, as a new blogger. Everything will be recorded, so I wouldn't *have* to be there right at that time. And it says that most, if not all, of the $45 cost of admission will be recouped in free print & eBooks.

I just don't know, though. I'll have to work, of course. A split on Wednesday, Thursday afternoon & evening, all day Friday, and then Sunday Dear Daughter and I are off on another road trip. Plus, I've recently decided that I'm attending BEA in May, and I'll have to pay for that out of pocket... 

What say you? Are any of you (virtually) attending this? Has anything like this been done before?

Enjoy your reading!


  1. This is my second year attending and last year I had a great time! I really learned a lot, made some great connections and got a ton of books too. Totally worth it!

  2. First, I am sooo excited you are going to BEA!!! I am taking the train everyday, are you going to stay in the city. Second, what came to my mind right away was-what if they have the same books that we will pick up at BEA anyway? Or at NJLA? Still, it looks interesting. The connections might be worth it....

  3. Okay, so I went and checked out the site, and I have to tell you that I would not read one of those books. In fact, I gave Going in Circles away because I couldn't get into it (even though it was about roller derby-which I LOVE). The rest are a little....uh, sexy for me. What do you think?

  4. Wow you are busy. I am going to have a think about this one. So jealous of you going to BEA think of me :D


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