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Google'lize Your Life by Jeff VanDrimmelen

Google'lize Your Life by Jeff VanDrimmelen, October 2010

Summary from Goodreads:

Jeff VanDrimmelen's system is a modern day technology fusion of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" (GTD) and a little bit of good old fashioned Steven Covey. Get your own gProductiviy system up and going using Google Tasks, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Take control of your personal and professional life with Google'lize.
I have to say I was drawn to the idea of this book. I've been looking for a way to streamline myself a little more. I am currently running a calendar on Outlook for work, and a planner (yes, pencil and paper planner) that ideally combines work and personal stuff. I've been printing out my Outlook calendar each month and sticking it in my planner. I've tried Google calendar, but wasn't that thrilled with it (Jeff mentions that Google had updated it recently, so perhaps it's worth another shot). And, I am one of the four people in the universe who does not have a smartphone, so I can't sync things to my phone. (I'm seriously addicted to my planner--I can always have it with me, I can paper clip appointment cards, business cards, directions, etc. right to the page, and I don't have to worry that it didn't upload properly. Which I hear is a concern with smartphones.)

There's a lot of useful information in this book; unfortunately, I feel that for someone like me (ie, a dumbphone owner), it's not as relevant. Jeff does state at the beginning of the book that paper calendars are OK and that you can do most of this stuff with a paper calendar, but he never expands upon that throughout the book.

Yes, there were parts that I liked, and that I think would be helpful. The whole email thing--I've come across a lot of people who don't know they can create folders for mail! Jeff advises that you check your email only twice a day, which I find completely inconceivable. I'm an email junkie--while I'm at work I have both of my main email accounts open constantly (I have 2 other accounts that I use very infrequently). Checking it only twice a day would be quite difficult for me.

Jeff likes Google, and finds that it has the best components that will work together to allow you to work more efficiently. I think it does have its advantages, and if/when I'm ready to fully transition to the world of smart technology, I'll probably refer back to this book to help me do so. For now, though, I'm content with my paper to-do list and my dumbphone. Not so content with my planner, but I haven't found a (cheaper) option. For people who are looking to streamline their tasks and email in order to work more efficiently, this book would be most helpful.

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  1. I am a dumbphoner too. HA! I am totally going to steal that expression.


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