Saturday, September 24, 2011

Banned Books Week Hop!

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Welcome to Banned Books Week! As a teen librarian of course I absolutely adore banned books. I haven't been part of a challenge committee yet, and I'm not sure what I will do in that situation (even though I know what both ALA and my library say to do!), but in the meantime I'm trying to draw attention to some of the greatest challenged works of our time by displaying them around my branch.

While I am not about censorship, I can understand that people take offense to certain materials. It's your privilege as an American to have your own opinion about things. If you find the content in a book questionable, then by all means do not allow your teen to read it (good luck with that, by the way). Ideally, I would assume that you've READ the work in question and discussed with your teen why you're opposed to said material.

I do NOT agree with people who think their opinions matter more than everyone else's. I don't need you choosing materials for me or my child. Husband and I have been raising Daughter to realize that everyone is different, and if we were all the same, the world would be a mighty boring place. I believe this is true in the world of reading, as well. Just because a book isn't right for you or your family doesn't mean it's wrong for everyone.

So this week I encourage you to pick up a banned book. And because this is a giveaway hop, I have a prize! One lucky follower will win a copy of Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, recently banned in Republic, MO (a district with it's own mess of problems), as well as a copy of Crank by Ellen Hopkins, who has had more than her share of challenges and bans. (I'm hoping to get Crank signed by Ellen next week, but I don't want to promise that in case something happens beyond my control!) EDIT: Crank is indeed signed by Ellen!

When you're finished here, be sure to hop over to the other blogs participating!

Enjoy your reading!


  1. CRANK is a great choice! I love that book! Thank you SO much for participating this year!


  2. Thanks for the great giveaway. I think you have two excellent choices.

    Read Banned Books Week Hop and Giveaway

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  4. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for being a part of the Banned Books Week Hop!!
    Have a safe and great weekend!! =)

    GFC Follower: SpadesHighReads

  5. I love Ellen Hopkins but I haven't read Crank and I haven't read your other choice, but I've certainly heard a lot about it being challenged/banned recently. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

    ~Asheley (Into the Hall of Books)


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