Monday, September 26, 2011

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

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Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
2007, Simon Pulse

Summary from Goodreads:
Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital is a place for people who have played the ultimate endgame. The suicide attempt survivors portrayed in this novel tell starkly different stories, but these three embattled teens share a desperate need for a second chance. Ellen Hopkins, the author of Glass and Crank, presents another jarring, ultimately uplifting story about young people crawling back from a precipice.
Ellen Hopkins has a gift. Written in her signature verse, Impulse tells the stories of three teens who attempted suicide and now find themselves patients in a psychiatric hospital. Vanessa, Tony, and Connor are from three vastly different worlds, but the trio forms an unusual bond while trying to heal and come to terms with what drove them to attempt to end their lives. Impulse will leave you haunted. We very quickly start to feel for these characters and so desperately want them to find only good things in their lives. The ending will leave you speechless. Impulse is  the kind of book that could very easily be a standalone, but oh. My. Goodness. I cannot wait for the sequel, Perfect, to find out what happens next (and yes, I know it was released on the 13th, but I'm waiting to get my copy tomorrow, at Ellen Hopkins' signing at the Princeton Barnes & Noble!).

Borrowed book from library.

Enjoy your reading!

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