Saturday, December 10, 2011

November in Review

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My worst reading month yet--I only read ten books! I am never going to make my goal of 200 books for the year, I'll just have to accept that, I guess. Sigh. But November was a very busy month for me--I wrapped up my first set of visits to the high school and middle school (I'm returning in December), we took a Disney trip, the stress of Thanksgiving, and gearing up for Christmas.

Not only did I only read ten books, but none of them qualify for my A-Z Reading Challenge, which means that I have to scramble to read K, Q, and Z-titled books in December if I want to complete that challenge. My other challenges are DONE for 2011, yay! Well, I've already admitted defeat on the Off the Shelf Challenge but the others are complete.

This month I also decided which challenges I'd like to participate in for 2012--I'll have those posts up later this month. I'm going to shoot for four next year, we shall see!

In work-related news, I'm going to be a reader for the NJLA Garden State Teen Book Awards and in November I got my list of assigned reading. I have a lot of nonfiction titles to get through, several fiction grades 6-8, and just a few fiction 9-12 (probably because I've already read so many of them!). I can't wait to get involved in the debates over books!

How was your November?
Enjoy your reading!

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