Friday, May 18, 2012

Movie Review (sort of): The Avengers

First, the backstory. Actually, most of this is backstory, do you really need another review of The Avengers???

I saw the preview for this movie when we went to see the Hunger Games and for some strange reason I was oddly excited for it. I'm not really a superhero person--up until that preview, the only Avengers movies I'd seen were Iron Man and Iron Man 2. But something drew me to The Avengers, and I eagerly wanted to see it.

I asked Best Girl if she wanted to go--unlike me, she LOVES superheroes. She's been Batgirl AND Supergirl for Halloween (she kicked ass as Captain Jack Sparrow when she was 5, too, but I digress), loved all the Spiderman and Iron Man movies--I thought the Avengers would be right up her alley. However, she declined to see it with me. What what?? Her reasoning was that she hadn't seen any of the other movies.

So I remedied that. First I brought home Thor from the library. And thus my obsession with Chris Hemsworth begins. Holy schizz, do I love him!!

How is it possible that his brother is Gale, one of the two things I hated about The Hunger Games?
The movie was pretty interesting, too, and after that Best Girl was totally into seeing The Avengers. But she still wanted to see the movies (one of the monitors at work said that the only movies we really needed to see were Thor & the second Iron Man, but Best Girl wanted to see them all). I found Iron Man and Ed Norton's Hulk on TV and DVR'ed them for her, and brought Captain America home from the library.

So the stage is set. I love Thor, Best Girl loves Captain America. We went on a Friday night to see The Avengers. Here's the recap: the movie was abso-freaking-lutely awesome! There was action, there was laughter, there was tension, there was hottie Chris Hemsworth--seriously, I could marry him, but he'd have to dress like Thor all the time--although this works, too:

*drools* I Googled these images. It took a really, really long time to bring myself back to this post.
and Best Girl wants to BE the Black Widow ("she can kick, she can punch, and she has a gun!"). This year's Halloween costume will be easy-peasy!

If you're living under a rock, get thee to the theater to see The Avengers immediately. Best Girl left the movie and all she could talk about was how she couldn't wait until it was released on DVD :)

(*tears self away from above image*) So, um, yeah, the movie was great!! Seriously, Robert Downey Jr. is my second favorite Avenger, but Mark Ruffalo was pretty awesome, too. Best Girl has a thing for Captain America, but I just am not feeling it. And Samuel L. Jackson rocks, as always!

Enjoy your reading!

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  1. Nice review Christi. I had such a great time with this flick and definitely think it's one of the best superhero flicks since Spider-Man 2. Hopefully, Whedon will return for the sequel and makes it even better than this. Best way to kick off the Summer!


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