Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super Short Reviews (9)

Super Short Reviews is a feature I run occasionally, when I want to jot down a few notes about some recent reads but don't have the time for a full-fledged review. All links go to Goodreads.

Purity by Jackson Pearce:
I thought this was going to be a light-hearted novel about a girl trying to lose her virginity before she has to make a purity vow at some father-daughter dance. That's what the flap says it's supposed to be about, anyway. I thought it fell flat for me, and was way too predictable. It didn't feel light-hearted at all; it was actually kind of a heavy read. There are tons of positive reviews on this one, though, so I think the problem is me, not the book. One of my teens snapped it up at the library on Monday (she's a HUGE JP fan), so I'm anxious to hear what she has to say.

No-Name Baby by Nancy Bo Flood: (eGalley provided by NetGalley): This was a very quick read, but it was also fairly forgettable. An interesting story about Sophie and her family, living on a farm in the 1930's. Sophie's mom is pregnant again, and everyone is hoping that this baby will live. Aunt Rae comes to help out and brings plenty of tension with her. You should be able to discover the cause of the tension well before Sophie does, but the story is so short that you'll read quickly to make sure all the questions are answered.

Enjoy your reading!

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