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44 Blog Tour: Interview with author Jools Sinclair

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I'm delighted to be participating in the 44 Blog Tour. You can read my review of 44 here. Please enjoy this interview with author Jools Sinclair!

Hi, Christi! First off, thank you so much for inviting me to stop by The Teen Librarian!  It’s a pleasure to be here and I think your blog is fantastic!

There are so many intriguing parts of 44—Abby’s drowning and being dead for such a long period of time, her inability to see colors, and of course the murder mystery aspect! Can you tell us a little bit about how 44 came to be?

Well, I had a few things I wanted to write about when I sat down to work on 44. First, I wanted to write about a teenager who experienced a traumatic event and who had to, basically, rebuild her life. The book is really about that journey. I loved the idea of writing about a main character that was on solid ground (star soccer player, colleges picked out, popular) and suddenly everything is blown apart and she has to start over.
I also really wanted to write about Bend, Oregon because it’s where I live and I’ve always thought that it was perfect for a setting. And finally, I wanted to have a little fun, hence the murder mystery storyline and the other events that happen along the way!
What kind of research did you have to do for this novel?
I researched a lot about near death experiences and some of the psychological aspects that survivors go through after coming back from death.  I’ve always been really fascinated with all that. I’ve read those kinds of stories since I was a kid, and even had a grandfather who “visited” the other side during emergency surgery. I find it all really interesting.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Writer, veterinarian, LA Dodger manager, actress (I was born in Hollywood so that dream is kind of a given), professional baseball card collector, and well paid world explorer. Writer probably made the most sense.
Can you describe a typical writing day? Do you have any must-do’s while writing—coffee, chocolate, silence, TV?
A typical writing day involves three musts: first, I must unplug the internet. Hard to do and I fight this all the way! But it’s so easy to get lost in emails, fun blogs, and all sorts of interesting tidbits I find online if I don’t make a point of disconnecting. It’s amazing how many hours can vanish, so unless I’m happy with writing five words a day, I must unplug.   Another “must” is a fresh pot of Komodo Dragon Coffee brewing. And gentle music in the background. I love that you mentioned chocolate, and I’m thinking that I’m going to have to incorporate that into the “Must-Do” routine!
Can you tell us a little about the world of self-publishing? I’m sure there must be many challenges, but what are the rewards like?
I would love to! Because of self-publishing, there’s never been a better time to be a writer.  Writers now have the power to write, publish, and sell their work directly to readers without a huge corporation deciding whether the material is worthy or not. This is huge! It’s the most important thing to have happened to the written word in a long time.
And you are right, there are some challenges involved. There is a lot of the business side of publishing that writers have to be willing to learn in regards to covers, formatting text, and marketing books. These are all things that publishers do and Indie authors have to figure all that out if they are going to be successful.
Oh, but the rewards are amazing!  For the first time ever, writers can actually get their work out into the world, sell their books, find their own fans, and develop their writing careers. They have a shot of hitting the best seller lists, all on their own. And there are plenty of examples of this happening. Amanda Hocking, who started self-publishing just over a year ago, has made over $1.5 million.  All this after years of rejection from New York Publishers that thought she didn’t have the right stuff.   Writers have amazing opportunities right now.
What do you like to do when you’re not reading or writing?
I love the outdoors and I that’s one of the reasons I love living in Bend so much. So if I’m not reading or writing, you’ll probably find me out hiking, kayaking, or snowshoeing depending on the season.  I also love to cook and travel and really try to do both of those things as much as possible.
Does anyone get to read your work in between draft and final product (or even earlier than that)? If so, who?
My husband!  He reads every draft and I always appreciate his honesty and suggestions. He’s a writer too (he writes children’s scary stories).
What are some of your favorite books?
Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black. Others favorites include books by Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Hemingway.
What are you reading now, or what have you just finished?
These are all my recent reads: Allison Karras’ Drowning in the Dark, Zoe Winters’s Save My Soul and Megg Jensen’s Anathema. All fabulous! Oh, and Bieber’s biography {laughing}.
Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you’re working on?
Well, 44 will be a trilogy and the second book is coming out in early summer, so I’ve been working hard on that. Then, Book 3 is scheduled for release in winter.  I have a few other projects planned beyond that, but that’s where my focus is now. 
Christi, thanks so much again for having me stop by The Teen Librarian! I love your blog and will check back often for ideas about what to read! Happy almost summer, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Jools! Looking forward to reading the second and third books in the 44 trilogy!

Jools Sinclair lives in Bend, Oregon. She is an avid reader, movie watcher, orange cat lover, Frye boot wearer and Komodo Dragon coffee drinker. She admits to having an intense passion for opera and loves faraway lands where espresso bars and pastry shops line the streets. Finally, she is absolutely crazy about her family, who in turn thinks she is absolutely crazy.
Interested in reading 44 for yourself (c'mon, that cover is fantastically intriguing, right?)? You can purchase the eBook over at Barnes & Noble or at the Kindle Store over at Amazon.
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Enjoy your reading!

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