Friday, May 13, 2011

BEA first-timer--HELP!

I'm totes excited that I'll be attending BEA this year. I'm only going for one day (Tuesday), although I'm already regretting not signing up for the whole thing. But, it is what it is. I corrupted asked my protege colleague to come with, and Kristie, my cosmic twin, will also be there! I have to pay my own way and use personal time, but who cares? I'M GOING TO BEA!!!

Which means I have tons of questions for you, my fellow bloggers. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'll be attending as a librarian, not a blogger. Please share your wisdom with me!

I've heard that I should bring an empty suitcase to carry all the loot I'm going to get. True? Someone else mentioned that I can store said suitcase for $3, $6, but this is an open-floor thing, not the coat check? Has anyone ever done this?

I have the opportunity to get free transportation to the Javits Center, which is a bonus, as I have no clue how to get to/park at the Javits Center. However, this is a bus-type situation, which means that I'm at the mercy of when the driver wants to pick us up and leave. Should I bite the bullet and drive, so that I can come and go as I please? I'm about an hour and a half away from  NYC. If you think I should drive, parking tips would be appreciated (driving directions would be even better LOL)

Are the ticketed autographs something I should obsess over? The website says they'll be distributed starting at 7am. If I don't plan on getting there until, like, 8:30, will there even be any left?

How, exactly, do the giveaways and autographs work? In-booth, autographing area, Insight Stage...Do I just walk around and pick stuff up?

We didn't sign up for the breakfast--I figured that being BEA newbies we would just walk around dumbfounded explore for the day. Mistake?

What should I wear? I've heard it's business casual--which always confuses me. I was thinking maybe dressy-ish capris and a nice blouse, but shoes are a problem. Help?

What should I bring? Suitcase maybe. Will I look like a complete stalker fangirl with my camera?
What else do I need to know? I know The Story Siren and others have posted about BEA (believe me, I've already read them), but any personal advice you want to share is welcome!
Oh, and is anyone going to be there on Tuesday? Would love to meet some fellow bloggers!

Thanks for your help and advice!!
Enjoy your reading!


  1. Christi - I think you should take a NJ Transit bus. Round trip is $39 and will be cheaper than driving and parking. From Port Authority you should be able to her to the Javitz Center pretty easily and even splurge on a can with all that money you saved by taking the bus!

  2. Oh what a great post - have a wonderful time. Going to BEA is on my bucket list :D


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