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The Implosion of Aggie Winchester by Lara Zielin

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The Implosion of Aggie Winchester by Lara Zielin
Putnam Juvenile, August 4, 2011

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Summary from Goodreads:
Sixteen-year-old Aggie Winchester couldn't care less about who's elected prom queen–even if it's her pregnant Goth-girl best friend, Sylvia Ness. Aggie's got bigger things to worry about, like whether or not her ex-boyfriend wants to get back together and whether her mom will survive cancer.
But like it or not, Aggie soon finds herself in the middle of an unfolding prom scandal, largely because her mom, who is the school's principal, is rumored to have burned prom ballots so Sylvia won’t be elected queen. Aggie's own investigation makes her wonder if the election could be dirty on both sides.
I wasn't really expecting to really like this novel, but I thought the story was interesting enough that it deserved an impartial read. I'm glad I decided to read it, because Lara Zielin has crafted a wonderfully realistic story about the trials and tribulations of life as a high school junior who doesn't know where she fits in. 

Aggie is a lovable character, once you get beneath her Goth makeup and outfits. She believes in doing the right thing and is mature enough to know that the right thing isn't always the easiest thing. Through a series of unfortunate events, Aggie and Sylvia have become best friends and mockers of all things non-Goth. Deep down, though, Aggie suspects that there's more to life than black outfits and dark makeup.

She's so smart in other ways, too. She knows that Sylvia's relationship with Ryan isn't all it's cracked up to be, and she can even realize that her ex, Neil, might have an ulterior motive or two up his sleeve, as well.  And she's smart enough toe realize that her mother and principal doesn't know how to deal with Aggie as a daughter, only as a teenage statistic. What Aggie doesn't know is how to deal with these problems, although she's certainly willing to try.

I really loved this story--the mystery of a prom scandal, the intrigue of a teenage pregnancy, the realization that maybe there's not just ONE guilty party, and watching Aggie learn to believe in herself made this a very quick and enjoyable read, and I highly recommend it!

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