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Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers
December 2010, St. Martin's Press

Summary from Goodreads:
When Eddie Reeves’s father commits suicide her life is consumed by the nagging question of why? Why when he was a legendary photographer and a brilliant teacher? Why when he seemed to find inspiration in everything he saw? And, most important, why when he had a daughter who loved him more than anyone else in the world? When she meets Culler Evans, a former student of her father’s and a photographer himself, an instant and dangerous attraction begins. Culler seems to know more about her father than she does and could possibly hold the key to the mystery surrounding his death. But Eddie’s vulnerability has weakened her and Culler Evans is getting too close. Her need for the truth keeps her hanging on...but are some questions better left unanswered?
Courtney Summers has a gift. She creates such realistic characters, characters that resonate with you. Eddie is one of those characters. My heart breaks for this girl throughout the whole story. Why did her father commit suicide? How could he leave her like that? What's up with her and Milo? Is Culler really who he says he is? I was hooked on this story from the beginning, and Summers did not disappoint. The death of one's parent--by whatever means--is difficult, and Summers was able to bring that difficult reality to life with this story.

Ugh, and can I just say that Summers is just as skilled at creating characters you love to hate? Case in point, Eddie's mom's best friend, Beth. What a beast of a character. I mean, I get it, she's trying to help her best friend through this horrible time. However, she appears to have no sympathy for Eddie whatsoever, and the poor girl just. Lost. Her. Father. And her mother is a walking zombie. The kid deserves a little slack, in my opinion. Gah, I did not like Beth.

Trust me, and everyone else who has already read and reviewed this book. It will stay with you.

Purchased eBook for my nook.

Enjoy your reading!

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  1. Great review! I love Courtney Summers books and this one was no exception. And I agree, she does have a huge gift when it comes to creating such realistic characters. I can't wait to read her next book!


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