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Rosebush by Michele Jaffe

Rosebush by Michele Jaffe
Razorbill, December 14, 2010

Summary from Goodreads:

Instead of celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore, Jane is in the hospital surrounded by teddy bears, trying to piece together what happened last night. One minute she was at a party, wearing fairy wings and cuddling with her boyfriend. The next, she was lying near-dead in a rosebush after a hit-and-run.
A great mystery here! I think it's really rare to find a decent murder (or attempted murder) mystery in YA, but Jaffe has done it. We, the readers, know that someone's out to get Jane, and Jane knows, too, but no one else does, and no one believes her. I spent the whole book (as I usually do with a mystery) trying to figure out whodunnit, and I was wrong on all counts. I was even suspecting Jane's sweet nurse (whose name escapes me at this moment--Lorraine?) at one point! (Was I right? I'm not telling!)

I've read other reviews that have bashed this book, and I don't think it's totally warranted. This is a fun, suspenseful read.

Enjoy your reading!

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  1. I've only read one review, and it was positive - I had no idea there was negative buzz on this one! I've really liked Jaffe's other books, so I will totally be grabbing this one soon. Thanks for the review!


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