Monday, August 8, 2011

July in Review

Have you entered the Jersey Tomatoes giveaway yet? 

Summer is half over (although we're wrapping up our Teen Volunteer program at work already!)--I'm not spending nearly enough time in the summer sun, but I'm getting some reading done!

I read 15 books this month--not too bad! I added 6 more titles to my 2011 Debut Author Challenge! Since I started with 12 titles and have read 24 so far, I'd consider that challenge complete! In addition, I was able to knock one more letter off of my A-Z Challenge--V. That only leaves K, Q, R, Y, and Z!

The highlight of July, blog-wise, has to be discovering Janet Ruth Young's blog post about me putting her on my MAHROAT list. I'm still all kinds of fan girly about it!!

How was your July?

Enjoy your reading!


  1. 15 books! I am constantly amazed at the number of books that book bloggers read! I'm lucky if I can finish 3 books a month. How do you do it?

  2. I don't really know how I read so much, except that I'm a pretty fast reader :) And I'm not reading all day long, either, mostly just at night.


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