Thursday, August 11, 2011

Library Program: Cupcakes!

Another summer teen program I recently held was Decorate Your Own Cupcakes. I'm fortunate enough to work with a woman whose daughter owns her own cake company. She does some awesome work, let me tell you. She's happy to bring her creations to the library for a variety of programs. For the past two years we've had her do a decorate-your-own program for teens at a very reasonable price.

This year's summer reading theme is You Are Here, and I let Jennifer have full creative license with that. She came up with a garden cupcake because, after all, NJ is the Garden State. For this program she baked and frosted 60 cupcakes, crushed Oreos for dirt, and handmade tons of little fondant veggies.

Attendance for this program was not nearly as good as I would have liked. Registration was full at 20 teens, but I only had 5 show up (my stats are higher, though, because we had a few moms and even staff members come in on their breaks!). The lower number worked out, though, because Jennifer was able to give them one-on-one help with creating all the different vegetables. The teens really enjoyed making all the little veggies--corn on the cob, tomatoes, cabbage, peas in a pod, and carrots. Because of the lower number of attendees, teens were able to make at least three cupcakes each!

I had gathered a ton of cake and cupcake books from the library for teens and moms to look at, and Jennifer had some of her work on display via a digital picture frame. Overall, the teens had a really good time, and the children's librarian and I are going to select a date for Jennifer to come back for a tween program!

Enjoy your reading!

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