Thursday, August 18, 2011

Library Program: Origami

Another "You Are Here" program! Tonight we had a shortened TAB (Teen Advisory Board) meeting and after a short snack break, segued right into our origami program. I had printed out tons of instructions for different designs of varying difficulty, put a selection of origami books and paper out, and let the teens at it. As a special treat, I shared some Pocky that I'd found at my local Five Below store--it was actually quite tasty!

I had fourteen teens attend this event, and it was a very laid-back program--my favorite kind! Teens had a blast creating stars, boxes, cups, cranes, jumping frogs, and more. I finally figured out how to make a fortune teller (Daughter has been making them at camp all summer and now I made one for her!) and a "talking" dog.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures! All in all it was a fun, quiet program that's very affordable--all you need is origami paper and instructions!

Enjoy your reading!

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